Portable Fitness Bike

Fitness BikeThe best portable fitness bike varies for each individual based on his or her requirements and needs. One great feature is the fact that you can take this piece of equipment anywhere and still get a great workout. In addition, it allows individuals to multitask while exercising at the same time and also provides you with the ability to workout both upper body and lower body based on how you position the item. By sitting on a chair and using it for legs or placing it on a table and using it for arm workouts, it is great to carry with you.

While on your search for the best price and deal, make sure to remember that the quality of these fitness bikes varies immensely. Cheaper bikes do not carry the same amount of features and do not provide as great of a workout as products that are more superior. One key feature that you must keep in mind before you buy is the variation of pedal resistance. From my experience, a portable fitness bike that does not have enough resistance ruins the experience because you are always left wanting a better workout.

Whether you are using the bike for upper body or lower body it always provides a great form of exercise. The newer pieces of equipment such as spinning bikes allow you to change the variation and target different muscle groups based on the position of the machine. For example, by placing it on a table you can really tone the arms on placing it on the floor while sitting in a chair, provides a great angle for the legs. Also, it provides you with a way to track your progress over time with digital meters that record the resistance level and elapsed time of each workout. The best part is that you can also check your calories burned and get a great idea of how much the exercise helped you. When you are ready to buy a portable exercise bike, make sure to keep all of these valuable features in mind.

Schwinn Exercise Bike – The Best Available?

SCHWINN 235i HRCA Schwinn exercise bike is considered the Cadillac of exercise bikes. This brand is widely recognized for producing top-quality exercise equipment.

An exercise bike, or a stationary bike, looks like the traditional bicycle that is used as transportation. This is mainly used as exercise gear to allow users to have their cardiovascular workouts indoor. There are two main types of exercise bikes available in the market today. These are upright exercise bikes and the recumbent exercise bikes. Basically, uprights have a vertical orientation. Its user sits upright like that of an outdoor bike. This exercise bike type allows more motion and is designed to work out the quadriceps or the front muscles of the thigh. A recumbent exercise bike, on the other hand, requires its user to be seated against a back rest in a reclining position. His legs would also have to be stretched in front as the pedals of recumbent exercise bikes are positioned in front. Experts claim that recumbents are more comfortable and easier to use compared to uprights. They are also more ideal for beginners, those with back pains, and those who desire a less intense exercise program.

Among all exercise bike manufacturers, Schwinn has gained a reputation for providing versatile exercise bikes. In fact, several industry insiders consider this brand the best in the field. This brand has been around since late 1800s and in terms of selection, quality and price, it is hard to beat.

Perhaps the most popular Schwinn exercise bike is the Schwinn Airdyne. Unlike other exercise bikes, this features a large wheel and independent handle bars. Its resistance method of using air also makes it unique from the rest. This is an important point of consideration because resistance, or force, is that something which an exercise bike user have to pedal against in order for his/her exercise program to work. Through the air method, resistance is greater the faster a user pedals. The Schwinn 113 upright and the Schwinn 213 recumbent also ranked high in consumer reviews. These have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, hand-grip sensors and sixteen resistance levels. These models also come with a ten-year warranty which is an added benefit to most consumers.

It is not surprising that a Schwinn exercise bike can cost more than other exercise bike brands. Experts say that the price difference is justified as these are generally more durable and efficient compared to that of other brands.

ProForm Exercise Bike for Entry Level Fitness Users

ProForm spinning bike A ProForm exercise bike is the ideal exercise machine for those who are on a budget. Just like other exercise bike brands, this allows its users to do their cardiovascular workout indoors.

An exercise bike, or a stationary bike, is undeniably one of the most popular fitness machines not only in the United States but also throughout the world. This is a staple in health gyms and in many households. This exercise device has pedals, handle bars, and a saddle. In terms of physical attributes, it closely resembles the ordinary outdoor bicycle but without real wheels. Generally, exercise bikes are used to promote the user’s general fitness. They are also used by cross-training athletes and cyclists to warm up and prepare for sports events. In physical therapy, stationary bike workout is common as this allows users to enjoy the benefits of less intense workouts. The movements made while using an exercise bike has low-impact and are not stressful to joints unlike other fitness machines. Two styles of exercise bikes are widely available in the market today. These are the upright exercise bikes and the recumbent exercise bikes. Uprights have a vertical orientation while the other type requires its user to be in a reclining position.

You can find a great spinning bike comparison chart at www.bestfitnessadvisor.net/indoor-cycling-bike-reviews.

ProForm exercise bikes are considered to be some of the most affordable exercise bikes in the country. These entry-level bikes are perfect for those who do not want to spend much on an exercise machine. Price for ProForm bikes range from $150 to $500. The ProForm brand has its upright and recumbent bike models. Three of its upright models are the GR 75, GL 35 and the GT 30. The GR 75 model boasts of a four trainer personal program that its user can choose from. As expected, this does not have heart rate programs that are common in more expensive stationary bike models. The GL 35, meanwhile, allows its user to make four unique grip positions. As for the GT30 model, its most outstanding feature is its Step-in design that allows users to get on and off the bike easily. The brand also has recumbent bike models which are the GR 80, GT 120 and the GR 90.

A ProForm exercise bike is not designed for heavy use. In fact, it lacks many useful features that are common in other expensive brands. ProForm bikes are ideal only for beginners and for those who are not sure of sticking to a stationary bike exercise program yet.

Mini Exercise Bike for Fitness on the Move

bike reviewA mini exercise bike is a popular choice of exercise gear for those who lead a very mobile lifestyle. This portable type of stationary exercise bike allows its users to exercise wherever they are.

Aside from the mini exercise bike, other bike types like the uprights and the recumbents have gained worldwide popularity as effective fitness machines. They are called such because they closely resemble the bicycle that people commonly use as a mode of transportation. In the fitness arena, these machines are recognized for providing its users good muscle and cardiovascular workout. Moreover, with these machines, people no longer need to be outdoors, like in bike trails, in order to stay fit. Aside from promoting physical fitness, these are also used by cycling and cross-training athletes for warm-ups and training. These are also often included in the physical therapy programs of those who have back and posture problems.

As mentioned previously, there are three common types of stationary exercise bikes. Upright exercise bikes, or uprights, are those that allow users to sit upright when exercising. These are great for exercising the quadriceps. Recumbent exercise bikes, on the other hand, require its users to be in a reclining position with his legs horizontal to the floor. These are especially effective in working out the hamstring and gluteals. These are also ideal for those with low back problems.

Mini exercise bikes, meanwhile, are smaller in size compared to its larger counterparts. Each mini version features a small seat with matching pedals on its sides. These are designed to give users the same level of workout provided by the other exercise bike types but with less space requirement. Generally, this portable exercise bike version weighs less than fifteen pounds. In terms of features, these small exercise machines are not inferior to uprights and recumbents. However, the resistance levels that they provide are lower. These can be used to exercise the legs as well as the upper arms. The portability of this kind of exercise bike allows it to be placed on top of desks, tables or chairs.

The first thing that needs to be done when shopping for an exercise bike is to choose a style that you prefer. After choosing an upright, recumbent or mini exercise bike, pay attention to the individual features that may affect your usage of this exercise machine like the heart rate monitor or display console.

The Best Portable Exercise Bike

Mini Exercise BikeDiscovering which portable exercise bike is best for you comes from research and experience. With such a wide variety of exercise bikes available, choosing the right one takes time and knowledge. There is many key points to remember such as the amount of living space where the bike will be used and also the level of features you need to get the best workout.

The differences between a portable exercise bike start with the amount of pedal resistance. A bike that has a wide range of pedal resistance is a better buy because you can always switch your workout based on the way you are feeling on that particular day of exercise. Cheaper bikes tend not to have different levels of resistance and are not as fun.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of workout you plan on doing with your exercise bike. If you want to use it to get better looking arms than purchase one that is light and stable enough to place on top of a table. If the goal is to exercise, the legs then make sure to find a portable exercise bike that has strong pedals and won’t break from extensive use. Also, modern ones have great tracking tools that will allow you to track your calories burned, time and resistance levels. This is very valuable if you plan on creating a powerful exercise routine and would like to record your progress over time. One other cool feature is that it can make you pedal in order to watch the television. This can help those that are not as motivated to exercise because the second you stop pedaling the TV turns off. A portable exercise bike is a valuable machine for those that need a way to exercise on the go and also for people who need extra motivation to keep pedaling.

Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike Review

Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise BikeThe Schwinn Airdyne Evo Comp Exercise Bike represents the pinnacle of design, melding Old World aesthetics with New School technology. Stationary bicycles have long been known to provide one of the best workouts available to the human body. Unfortunately, the physical benefits provided by stationary bicycles have been limited to the lower body for years. With this exercise bike, however, the entire body is worked out together, making for a comprehensive total-body fitness machine at the fraction of the cost of even the best fitness machines.

Utilizing time-tested construction, the Airdyne hearkens back to the days when an exercise machine was just that: A machine you use to exercise, not to charge your iPod. Minimalism is the watchword here, with the Airdyne Evo using a natural but unique resistance system that automatically increases as you increase force. As for targeting the rest of your body, the Schwinn offers a comprehensive upper body workout by way of its integrated exercise arms, allowing for maximum fat burning efficiency. The braking system is equally impressive, allowing for friction free braking that requires little to no maintenance, as opposed to the more complex exercise machines that offer plenty of frills but lack basic constructive common sense, requiring constant repairs.

Lest you think that the Airdyne Evo Comp is only made for exercise diehards that choose to eschew advanced technological innovation for old-fashioned sturdy design, consider the revolutionary computer console that acts as the brain of the Airdyne. This beautiful, streamlined computer allows you to keep tabs on your distance traveled, workload level, time, calories burned, calories burned per hour, revolutions per minute, and heartrate. This allows both exercise experts and fitness newbies to track their progress and maintain their proper physical exertion levels. In addition, the Airdyne boasts an extra quiet chain and belt drive system so that you can watch your favorite television programs while working out without having to strain your ears to hear over the loud noises that are common with most of the exercise machines on the market. If you’ve been looking for the perfect blend of physical fitness and aesthetic design, look no further than the Airdyne Evo.


  • Dual action for both legs and upper body
  • Self contained wind resistance system for effortless intensity alteration
  • Extra quiet belt drive system
  • High quality cooling fan
  • LCD computer screen offering feedback on workload level, calories burned, distance traveled, time, RPM, calories per hour, and heart rate
  • 30 year frame warranty
  • 3 year warranty on parts and electric
  • Dimensions: 50 x 22.5 x 48 inches
  • 300 pound max user weight
  • Anatomically correct seat with extra padding
  • Spring loaded chain tensioner
  • Advanced resistance-based braking with zero friction